At Hely there are no extra costs besides the hourly rate and optional package costs (only with a Flow package). However, in some cases we give surcharges. With this we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy a clean and safe vehicle for as long as possible.

Although we'd rather not, in the following situation we might invoice surcharges:

  • Administrative costs fine (Traffic tickets/violations): € 15,00

  • Administrative costs for (other) administrative operations: € 7,50

  • Leaving the car filthy: € 25,-

  • Leaving the car filthy and professional cleaning needed: € 100,-

  • Smoking charge: € 100,-

  • Returning the car too late after reservation: surcharge of 1.5x the usage rate

  • Not locking the vehicle after ride: € 25,-

  • Causing an empty 12V battery (e.g. by leaving the lights / power on): € 100,-

  • Returned car with tank less than 1/3 full or not connected to charging dock: € 25,-

  • Lost charging tag /fuel card: € 25,-

  • Towing costs in case of for example incorrect parking or causing an empty battery in line with invoice third party plus possible parking ticket , towing costs (€ 150,-) for moving the car by Hely.*

  • Letting another person drive in the car or on the scooter or (e)-bike (Please note: This is explicitly prohibited due to insurance): € 250,-

  • Losing car key: € 100,-

  • Service ride (e.g. picking up wrongly parked vehicle) to the vehicle due to by user's mistake: € 100,-

  • Transporting dangerous substances: € 100,-

  • Driving under the influence: € 100,-

  • Fraud with fuel card or charging tag: € 100,- + fuel/charging costs

  • Taking the car abroad without permission: € 250,-

  • Driving a vehicle without valid driving license € 250,-

  • Sharing an account, password with third party/parties: € 500,-

  • Leaving the car with the doors open € 50

* Is it not possible to return the car to it's designated parking spot? Then call Hely customer support.

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