You can read the Terms Ans Conditions in full here, but to make things a bit easier for you we've already summed up the most important matters below:

  • After registration has been completed, vehicles offered by Hely may be used. Only verified Users may use Hely's vehicles.

  • Before, during and after driving/riding the vehicle, check whether there is new damage to the vehicle or new defects in it, and, if so, report this immediately.

  • While using and parking the vehicle, you are responsible for it. If anything occurs while you are using the vehicle (for instance, if it breaks down, is damaged or stolen, or if you are unable to return it on time), contact Hely immediately.

  • The User is responsible for traffic and parking fines during or resulting from the use.

  • Use of the vehicle will end once you have returned the vehicle to the location designated by Hely at the Hely hub, correctly locked it and ended your ride in the app.

  • Based on the use and any other costs, We will send you an invoice each month, which will be collected by direct debit

  • A good neighbour is better than a distant friend, so that's why we also needed to add some fines to our Terms and Conditions. But you can also find those in this article.

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