The range of the e-cars differ between 200 and 300 km (depends on the car you are using). Factors such as headwind, weight and speed influence the range. In the unlikely event that you have to charge in the middle of your rental, you can use various charging points throughout the Netherlands.

The chargingtag can be used at all public points.

Travel wisely and check this website for a charging point near you. You can use speed and regular charging points. Be aware of the charging time, you might extend your reservation because of extra charging time. You can only use the charging card at public charging stations.

Click here for more information about the battery of your car.

PLEASE NOTE: there are different types of charging points, so the speed of the charging time also differs. Do you want to top up quickly? Then go to a fast charging station:

Fast charging

Fastned fast charging stations you can find on:

To use fast charging option at a fastned station, follow the following steps:

  • Take the chargingtag that is attached to the car keys.

  • Open the cover of the charger input and remove the extra cap.

  • Attach the charging cable with the CCS plug.  

  • Follow the instructions on the Fastned panel and select the CCS plug.

  • Fulfill the payment with the tag.

  • Now you are able to plug the cable into the car.

  • On the Fastned panel you will get an indication of the estimated waiting time.

  • When the car is done charging you can place the charging cable with the CCS plug back.

  • Close the cover of the input and you are ready to hit the road!

  • Within 30 minutes your battery is almost fully charged again.

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