To open the bike shed you need a key. The keys are stored in a separate key vault, which you'll find attached next to the door of the bike shed. Below we'll explain how you can take the keys from the vault and how to properly lock the vault afterwards.

> Watch the instruction video here.


1 - Open the black cover

2 - Check if the arrow of the turning knob if pointing left. Pull the switch (between button C & D) down.

3 - Enter the pin code and turn the arrow of the turning knob to the right. Good to know: you can find the pin code by clicking the info-icon in the Hely app.

4 - Carefully open the door and take the keys. With this you'll be able to open the bike shed.


1 - Place the keys back into the vault and close the door.

2 - Turn the arrow of the turning knob to the left. Check if the vault is locked properly, by turning the arrow to the right; if the door doesn't open again, it is locked properly.

3 - Close the back lid.

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