Left the lights on after ending your booking? Here's how to solve it

  • Check in the Hely app if you are able to reactivate and use your booking. If this is a possibility you can open the vehicle again and turn the lights off. Afterwards you can end your booking.

  • Has the end time of your booking passed?

    • Try to make a new booking in the Hely app.

    • Activate the new booking and open the vehicle.

    • Turn off the lights.

    • Follow the regular routine to end your booking.

    • Inform Hely via chat or mail that you had make an extra booking because the lights were still on.

    • Hely customer support will make sure you won't be charged for this booking.

  • If you are not able to make a booking, please contact us on 085 001 21 26 and press 1. We are happy to assist you to solve this matter.

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