All Hely e-cars can be charged at every charging station and Fastned-locatie in The Netherlands. Check out all the steps for charging the Seat Mii below.

Tip: search for 'charging location' Google Maps or find a Fastned-locaties on the Fastned website. In every car you'll also find a handy info-card with step-by-step instructions for charging the e-car.

PLEASE NOTE: there are different types of charging points, so the speed of the charging time also differs. Do you want to top up quickly? Then go to a fast charging station. Your car is then almost fully charged within 30 minutes.


  1. Disconnect the charging cable from the e-car with the unlock-button on the car key

  2. Hold the charging tag against the charging dock to disconnect the cable

  3. Store the charging cable inside the car


  1. Put the e-car in P (park) mode

  2. Press the charging cover to open it

  3. Insert the cable into the charging dock and the socket on the side of the car. Important: Check if the upper button next to the socket lights up, if not, please press this button. Because if the lower button is lighting up, the e-car won't charge immediately.

  4. Hold the charging tag against the dock to start charging


The color of the lamp on the charging dock indicates the status:

  • GREEN: The e-car is fully charged or the charging dock is available

  • YELLOW: The charging dock is trying to connect or the charging session is being activated

  • BLUE: The e-car is charging

  • RED: The charging dock has a technical error or the e-car is not connected properly. In case of a technical error, call the number displayed on the charging dock to get in touch with the helpdesk of the corresponding charging dock provider.

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