Double check the steps on the information card or FAQ to charge the car. This differs per type of e-car.

Check whether the card is correctly registered at the charging station, hold the card against it for a few seconds, sometimes the reader needs a while to connect.

Check the e-car

The light next to the loading entrance or the lights under the windscreen (on a Nissan Leaf) must turn blue.

This is how you check the charging station

  • GREEN: The e-car is fully charged or the charging station is available

  • YELLOW: The charging station is trying to connect or the charging session is started

  • BLUE: The e-car is charging

  • RED: The charging station has a malfunction or the e-car is not properly connected. In the event of a malfunction, call the number on the charging station to get in touch with the helpdesk of the relevant charging station provider and report it to Hely

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