Disconnect charging cable


  1. Press the brake.

  2. Press the handbrake, this is the leftmost foot pedal, next to the brake pedal. When the brake is applied, it is against the bottom. Depress it briefly and let it rise.

  3. Press the round start button (to the right of the handlebar). The display of the car lights up and the green car symbol lights up, you hear a melody.

After starting, put the gear lever in position D or R. As soon as you release the brake, the car starts to move.

D = forward (to the left + to the back)

R = backward (to the left + to the front)

N = neutral / free (to the left)

P = parking position (button on top)

B = driving with regenerative braking, the car slows down when you release the accelerator pedal (diagonally to the left)

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