• Check if the steering wheel lock is on. Turn your key and at the same time pry your steering wheel slightly to release your steering wheel lock. It is best to use some force on the contact when this is the case.

  • Do the letters 'EPC' appear? Remove the car key from the ignition and gently put it back in the ignition. Gently push the key towards the steering wheel and turn the key another 1/4 while maintaining pressure towards the steering wheel. In this case, the key has not been turned far enough.

  • Check that the round black tag is attached to the car key. If not, it is still in the on-board computer. Remove the tag from the on-board computer and reattach it to the car key. Put the key back in the on-board computer and try again.

  • Check if the charging cable is disconnected and the tailgate closed.

  • Move the control lever to park (P) and apply the brake. Then move the lever to drive (D) and slowly release the brake pedal. Now the car drives forward. When you have to drive backwards, put the control lever in the reverse position (R).

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